Working Together

Hiring a copywriter is a huge step. You have a ton of questions and legitimate worries.

Maybe you’re thinking, Will they understand my business? Will they be able to connect with my customers? What if I want to change some things after the first draft?

These are great questions. I have found following a structured process has helped things run smoothly. Of course there is always room to adjust based on the needs of your specific project, but this is the general flow.


The purpose here is simple: Understand the goals and define a successful outcome. To do this, I’ll be asking lots of questions to understand you and your customer.

Roadmap and Proposal

Once we have defined the goals and outcomes, I will craft a specific roadmap detailing how we will reach these goals.

We will schedule a 20-minute launch call to go over the roadmap and proposal.

Drafts and Revisions

You will receive a first draft of the copy typically in 10-14 days. The most important thing at this stage of the game is making sure that the tone, message, and offer are right.

While I do everything I can to get things right in the first draft, the reality is great copy usually goes through a few revisions.

You can be confident that I’ll gladly work with you until we get the copy right.

Final Approval

Once all revisions are done, I will submit a final draft to you. At this point, you approve the copy by sending me an email stating that everything is ready for distribution.

Transition to Other Projects

Once the project is done, I provide all of my clients with a complimentary follow-up consultation. We spend a few minutes on the phone and discuss what went well and where improvements can be made.

We review the Discovery Questionnaire and discuss additional ways to uncover new profits. Where appropriate, we map out a new project to ensure that you continue to have excellent copy that meets your goals and grows your business.